Service being at the heart of our lines of business, our employees are our core asset.


We are ever so attentive to ensure their safety at the workplace, to provide them with training and career advancement opportunities and to develop constructive social relations. Aware of its responsibility towards its employees and partners, SPIE brings its commitment to health and safety to bear in each of its actions, thereby developing a prevention culture at all levels. A reference on the matter, the Group has made “zero accident” a concrete objective and a real performance lever.  




SPIE develops a prevention culture at all levels, with deliberately more stringent safety prevention standards than the regulations in force. With occupational accident rates twice as low as the average in the sector for the entire Group, SPIE is today the leader in that sector on safety and is pursuing its objective of “zero accident.” The safety standards in force in the Group are complied with by all its subcontractors also. 

SPIE Belgium has in particular developed the Safety Floor Stone, a floor covering in the form of a slab to secure openings on the floor of construction sites. 


In 2023, SPIE Belgium was elected ‘Top Employer’ for the sixteenth time. SPIE stands out through its recruitment and integration procedures for new employees, and its employer brand and ongoing training efforts. SPIE Belgium wanted to put the emphasis on four lines of work among all the aspects on which the company was assessed:


88% of SPIE employees in Europe undergo training every year.

In Belgium, that represents ca. 20,000 hours of training per year.

Training our teams continuously is a priority for us, as training enables our employees to:

CEASE Network – Domestic and family violence 

More than one woman out of three will be the victim of violence from her partner in the course of her life. In this context, the CEASE project supports pioneering companies to become an environment of stability and support for persons who are victims of domestic and family violence.

As signatory of the CEASE charter, we undertake to implement awareness raising sessions and to train relay people in the company.