SPIE selected as Top Employer in Belgium for the 15th time

SPIE Belgium still successful in acquiring new talent, ensuring their integration and guaranteeing the well-being of its employees

Brussels, 20 January 2022SPIE Belgium, the Belgian subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is proud to have been named as a “Top Employer” for the fifteenth time.


On Thursday, 20 January this year, SPIE Belgium will be awarded the Top Employer 2022 certificate at a virtual celebration organised by the Top Employers Institute, the international certification body that recognises excellence in corporate human resource management.


In 2021, SPIE Belgium was particularly successful in the following three areas:


In 2021, SPIE Belgium also continued to focus on monitoring and the monitoring period of new employee integration. Employees at the Belgian subsidiary are being given a big say in when and where they choose to work – this flexibility has been part of SPIE’s DNA for many years.


Annik Vandeputte, Human Resources Development Manager at SPIE Belgium, had this to say : “We are very proud to have been awarded this certification for the fifteenth time and see it as the culmination of numerous efforts made throughout the year to make SPIE a good place to work. We are currently the only company in our sector to have gained Top Employer status, which only increases our pride. For candidates applying to work at SPIE, this award really makes a difference as it is often a selection criterion in their search for a new job.”


The Top Employers Institute was set up over 25 years ago as an international certification body that honours excellence in staff working conditions offered by employers. The Top Employers Institute has recognised over 1600 organisations in 119 countries/regions since its establishment. Companies given the title of “Top Employer” are having a positive impact on the lives of more than 6,900,000 employees around the world.


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