Building systems & Services

Do you have an existing or planned building which you’d like to be energy efficient and with perfect temperature control?

Airports, hotels, shopping centres, the pharmaceutical industry, data centres, hospitals… Whatever your building or project, we design, install and maintain the latest solutions. We are constantly innovating to ensure that each project reaches its full potential.


Climate engineering


Specialising in climate, mechanical and electrical engineering, energy, communications networks and infrastructure, we combine expertise and performance to ensure the best results across a wide range of technical services.


Managing energy efficiency


With our expertise and constant innovation, we offer cutting-edge solutions in energy efficiency. Keeping your building or facilities at the optimal temperature cost-effectively is good for your budget and good for the planet.


Tailored solutions


We have expertise in all climatic engineering techniques and integrated services, such as electricity, sanitation, air and water treatment and smoke extraction. Our objective? To offer you a tailored solution that is perfectly adapted to the specifics of your project and its context.


Your local partner


Based in Ehlerange, we can assist you anywhere in Luxembourg. For the monitoring and maintenance of your site, you need a partner that knows the local market and is always by your side, both figuratively and literally. Perfectly integrated into the economic fabric of Luxembourg, we are also a European leader in climate engineering, energy and communications. This means you can combine the benefits that come from a personalised, local service and an international group.




We are by your side, 24/7.  With our secure website, you can monitor the progress of an intervention in real time.

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