SPIE Belgium recognised for its efforts to promote diversity

Brussels, 24 January 2020 –SPIE Belgium, a subsidiary of SPIE, the European leader in multi-technology solutions in energy and communications, has been awarded the diversity label by Actiris, the Brussels Regional Employment Office. This label is awarded to organisations in Brussels that take steps to promote diversity.

To obtain this label, SPIE Belgium began by analysing the state of diversity within the company. Working closely with Actiris, several measures were then drawn up aimed at improving the company’s policy. Two years later, the implementation of the diversity plan was given a positive evaluation, meaning that SPIE Belgium could be awarded the Brussels Capital Region diversity label.


Annik Vandeputte, HR Development Manager at SPIE Belgium explains: “We have always viewed diversity as part of our company’s social responsibility. This label is recognition of the work we have done internally and adds to our motivation to continue on this path in 2020.”


SPIE’s diversity policy is based on the following criteria: origin, age, disability, level of education and gender. SPIE Belgium has thus taken many steps within the So’SPIE Ladies network to promote job and career opportunities for women. The Belgian subsidiary has also arranged for a series of short, tailored acted-out scenarios depicting situations where discrimination could occur in the workplace. Finally, SPIE Belgium has signed the CEASE charter which aims to make the company a safe place for people facing domestic violence.


Jean-Pierre Martin, Director of Human Resources at SPIE Belgium adds: “This label also opens the doors to the entire network of associations around Actiris, allowing us to accelerate our efforts to promote diversity.”

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