Values & Ethics

Three core values guide us on a daily basis, making SPIE a company serving a sustainable world: proximity, performance and responsibility.




The management ensures that it is always accessible and available to customers, teams and partners.

SPIE always guarantees the safety of everyone working on its sites.

As company ambassadors, each employee must be both autonomous and responsible.

Diversity enriches us: the professions and cultures of the men and women in the company are stimulated by our strong network and the solidarity of our teams.

And this closeness is marked by curiosity active listening and imagination to create an increasingly collaborative world.

The proximity towards our customers enables us to identify and understand their needs providing them with the most appropriate and sustainable solutions.

Thanks to the proximity with our partners, we implement integrated solutions creating an ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders and brings them closer together.




Our growth creates value. It motivates our shareholders to support us in our development.

It strengthens customers, motivates employees and attracts talents.

Everyone is a stakeholder in our performance. Respect for objectives is a joint commitment by management and all employees. It entails an entrepreneurial spirit, an ability to adapt and anticipate, with each employee being able to measure his or her contribution to the company's results.

But performance is not only a result, it is also a value and an ambition that everyone can share, including our customers who benefit directly from it as it feeds their own performance.




For SPIE, the development of technological solutions is designed with respect for people and the environment in mind. This commitment is reflected in ethical and responsible practices that promote employee fulfilment, the green economy and the company's sustainable development.

SPIE's on-site presence supports its customers in their efforts to adopt a sustainable approach.

This approach takes the form of long-term partnerships with the various players in its economic and social environment.

Each employee is a committed player who is responsible for the equipment and installations entrusted to him or her, in compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards.

All employees are also responsible towards their customers and partners and are committed to ensuring that SPIE meets its deadlines and commitments on a daily basis. "We are SPIE. We deliver"